Chris Garber and Suz Garber co-founded Gauze. Chris brings his multi-disciplinary vision to Gauze from his background in the US Army, executive protection, and international competitions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which required him to travel the world- and sometimes be hospitalized abroad. He suffered a major medical setback caused by a US physician that left him determined to ensure that all patients are treated with the utmost care and transparency.

Suz Garber held C-level positions at International SOS where she was responsible for developing global provider networks across ~2 million healthcare, security, aviation and logistics partners resulting in tens of millions of dollars in savings in healthcare claims and reimbursements. A dual US/EU citizen, two-time cancer survivor, and congenital heart defect survivor, Garber is an honors graduate from Rutgers University with a degree in foreign languages and a Masters degree recipient with honors from the University of Pennsylvania. Suz has been to every continent and almost 100 countries.

Gauze is a global database of 20,000 hospitals to help others find the exact medical facility for their healthcare needs. 

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Year Company Founded: 2015

Type of Business: Service 

Key Achievements:

  • 2nd place in the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities
  • Finalist in the Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network Shark Tank 

Address: 1120 Venetian Causeway, Suite 1E

Miami, Florida 33139

(P): 305-775-3859

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How you can help: Going abroad? Contact us before your trip for a list of hospitals that speak your language, accept your insurance or even admit foreigners.

*Revenue and number of employees available upon request.