CEO Lyle Gal graduated from the United States Military Academy with a B.S. in French. He served five years in the Army where he learned the importance of creative problem solving under pressure.

SwiKET Goals:

  • SwiKET enables store owners to target consumers directly and enhance the productivity of the entire market 
  • SwiKET will be easy to use, saving time for the consumer and store owner, while optimizing cash flow and increasing inventory turnover
  • SwiKET will establish new protocol and become the standard for this $20 billion industry in the digital age

Founded in 2016

Type of business: Tech Startup 

Website: www.swiket.com

Address: 48 Model Avenue

Hopewell, New Jersey 08525

(P) 413-687-9163

(E) lylegal23@gmail.com

How you can help: SwiKET is looking for funding and marketing to promote the brand. 

*Revenue and number of employees available upon request.