Bunker Labs PHl Partners

Amazon Web Services- $5000 in free credit - please see document for registration details

Microsoft Biz Spark Program- Free $750 per month in services and support:  http://www.davevoyles.com/bizspark-free-software-cloud-services-o/ ; Contact: Dave Voyles: dvoyles@microsoft.com; M: 631-833-8394 

AWeber-Free Email Marketing Account with Premium Support- please see document for registrations details; www.Aweber.com 

Mobile Desks/ Office Space- free for current cohor members.  

For alumni-

Location: 1608 Walnut or can work from other BD spaces

Standard Rate: $299/mo // Bunker Labs Graduate Rate: $99/mo per desk

Use of Bunker Labs Conference (must reserve in advance); (Contact: anthony at benjaminsdesk.com)

Bargain PrintingBargain Printing has generously offered 250 Free Business Cards to Veteran Entrepreneurs. passcode: BLfreeship www.BargainPrinting.com 

MyCorporation- $99 for Incorporation Services (http://www.mycorporation.com/bunker-labs/?kbid=7315) 

 Tax Credits and Grants from the city of Philadelphia for tech, B Corps and Veterans (more information available at startupphl.com) 

LinkedIn free service for a year:  https://veterans.linkedin.com/

   Texting Base is an SMS communications platform to help Non-Profits organize communication, manage while staying in better contact with the people important to our initiatives.  Texting Base is offering Bunker Labs cohort companies special pricing.  For 2000 messages a month, the price is $50/month.   Our Bunker Labs sub chapters also get one month for FREE with 500 messages to try the service out. Reach out to ebeans@textingbase.com  Learn more here:  http://www.textingbase.com/niches/non_profit_and_associations 

 City of Philadelphia's Economic Development Team that offers low interest, debt loans from $50k to $5mm. Please see the document for additional information and contact information. 

 The Platform for private companies. Cap Table Management, next day 409A valuations, and liquidity. Trusted by 4000 companies, their investors and their employees. https://esharesinc.com/bunkerlabs - Bunker Labs members receive 50% off. 

Walsh Accoutning provides 15% off bookkeeping and accounting services for veterans

Saul Ewing: Legal Resource Services http://www.saul.com/services/resources-access-and-mentoring-programs-ramp